Vince, Owner and Chief Instructor of One Strike combat

Vince cochlin

Owner and Chief Instructor of One Strike combat, born in London, England. He found his Martial Arts roots in tradional Goju Ryu Karate, reaching 3rd Dan / degree Black Belt, before moving to South East Asia where he studied Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

He has been actively involved in Martial Arts for over three decades. Vince has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in all aspects of Martial Arts, including, fitness training, technical applications, specific fitness and conditioning.

He is a generous outgoing and knowledgeable instructor of high caliber, who teaches from his heart with passion.

Roy Bennett

Roy Bennett

Roy is an amateur boxer and traditional martial artist from London, England. Actively competitive on the boxing and martial arts circuits in England and Asia for over two decades, Roy brings with him a wealth of experience in training, competition strategies, technique applications and teaching his unique take on the fighting arts. 

Boxing! Is a thinking man's sport. The importance of the fundamental skills cannot be overstated. The secret is in the details. With a strong foundation, effective progress can be assured.

Whether you are training to become a competitive fighter or for general fitness, Roy has the experience, knowledge and methods to help you to attain your personal goals.